The company has its own R & D and Quality Control and Product Development Centre. It is well equipped with most modern testing facilities, in line with Indian and International technologies. At the ICON R&D Centre, Sophisticated Instruments and Apparatus’ are used with Qualified Scientists behind to handle, special tests are conducted to develop and improve product formulations to meet the challenging needs. We analyse and certify production against specification and test raw materials and additives before use.

The CRUSADE FOR QUALITY is an universally accepted phenomenon today. Mediocrity is not accepted and good is not good enough. The pursuit at ICON is for perfection, not only in products, but services as well. Our maxim at ICON is to produce quality products taking advantage of our R & D facilities to excel in long run. The present globalisation of the market calls for compulsive value added products for which ICON is committed to deliver to its valued customers.


ICON installed production capacity is 1,00,000 Metric Tonnes annually equipped with most modern and highly sophisticated Lube Blending and Manufacturing Plant. The company is equipped with the best manufacturing technique and experience to produce products to Indian and International performance standards and also suit specific customers’ requirements. The company is backed by a well-trained, experienced and committed manpower. The manufacturing technique adopted by the company is totally eco-friendly.


ICON is one of the largest Lube Manufacturing Plant in India with State-of-the-Art Technology, monitored from Centralised Computer Control Systems coupled with strong Management Information System. The unique features of this plant are its Multi Filtration System which will ensure “Super Clean Oils”. The plant has fully automated filling and packing system to ensure accuracy and protection of product quality.


ICON is one of the largest Specialty and Transformer Oil manufacturing plant in the country. It is equipped with most modern refining and manufacturing facilities. The unique feature of this is High Vacuum Microfiltration Technology to ensure high purity of the product to meet Indian and International quality standards.